EDEC Co. efforts to give the most advanced products related to the costumers requirement in any time.
  • Company’s Activity fields
    Sale, imports and export all type of trade drilling and energy goods / customs clearance / investment and participation and buying stocks Inside...
  • Responsibilities
    Corporate Social Responsibility / Quality Services / HSE Policy / Ethics
  • This company with having important certificates as
    ISO9001 / ISO14000 / OHSAS18000 / HSE / IMS


Drilling of Equipment and Energy Commercial Company (also known as EDEC Co.), with having representation from some of the best companies in this field, provides commodity in great scope for its costumers and also a reliable place for the company clients to order and obtain their needs.



EDEC Co. Company can assure its clients that the manor of its business is based on great ethics and these ethics are one of the companies greatest concerns to make business a trustful relationship all over the area our work is implemented.

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility

    EDEC Co. policies require to have Corporate Social Responsibility as a value in business and although assures that this policy will be understood and applicable at all the organization.

  2. Quality Services

    One of the important goals of the company is to keep all of the services in the best Quality and make sure the organization will exhibit the high level of services for of the customers. Our main concern is having our customer’s satisfaction in the best way.

  3. HSE Policy

    Furthermore, marking that all of the company activities are based on Health, Safety and Environmental Policy, as mentioned its noteworthy for the company and all the organization employees.

  4. Ethics

    The most important fact in every business project is being adhered to business ethics. This ethics should be documented and all employees of the organization should educate it completely.