JiangSu Oruid Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd

(hereinafter referred as ORUID) was founded in 1998, currently has more than 750 employees, 300,000 sqm factory area and more than 100 million USD sales value. ORUID is now considered as one of the strongest Oil Equipment Manufacturers in China.

ORUID’s product scope covers: High Pressure Valve, Wellhead Equipment, Christmas Tree, Manifold and other upstream Petroleum Equipment according to API spec 64, 1-6C, etc.

ORUID is committed to quality application throughout its overall management system and is registered to API-QL, ISO-9001 and |SO/TS-29OOL.

ORUID has the knowhow in performing customized product design and fabrication by using advanced design software, efficient ERP system, worldclass machining facilities and full sets of inspection/testing devices.




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